YSU honors teachers in College in High School program

Fifty-six teachers from 29 high schools throughout the Mahoning Valley were recognized today for their participation in Youngstown State University’s College in High School, a program that has more than tripled in size and now serves nearly 400 students.

“YSU is committed to providing programs necessary to ensure student success and to increase education levels in the region, and College in High School is a prime example of an initiative that does just that,” YSU President Cynthia E. Anderson said at the event held in conjunction with National Teacher Day.

“The teachers involved in CHS at each of the high schools are commended for their hard work and commitment to making the program a success and helping their students get a head start on pursuing their college and career goals.”

CHS, started six years ago at YSU, allows qualified high school juniors and seniors to earn college credit while taking classes in their home high schools as part of the regular school day. The classes, which range from pre-calculus and general chemistry to American literature and physics, are designed after first-year classes at YSU and are taught by teachers at each of the high schools with the oversight of YSU faculty. Credits earned are transferable to any Ohio public university.

This year, 394 students from 29 school districts are enrolled in nearly 2,600 credit hours in CHS classes; that’s up from 104 students in 12 school districts and 600 credit hours just two years ago.

“More and more school districts across the region are understanding the many benefits College in High School offers to their students,” said Karla Krodel, director of YSU Metro Credit, which oversees CHS. “Research shows that these types of programs have a positive effect not only on high school graduation rates, but also on college enrollment rates, college grades and progress toward obtaining a college degree.”

For more information on the program, visit the YSU College in High School website.

The number high school teachers participating in CHS has increased from 18 to 64 in two years. Teachers are considered part-time YSU faculty; they do not, however, receive any additional compensation.

“We salute these teachers for their dedication and commitment to providing this program to their students this academic year,” said Sharon Schroeder, Metro Credit assistant director. “Thank you for your time and service to your high school, YSU and most importantly, the students.”

The following teachers are participating in YSU’s College in High School classes this academic year:

Mahoning County


Heather Carcelli, American Literature
Marla Morton, Chemistry
Debra Schell, Physics
Carlo Trafficante, Calculus


Carrie Davis, Calculus


Mary Janek, Chemistry
Kaliope Rohan, Calculus
Michael Soroka, Calculus*


Christine Cannell, Chemistry
Julie Ford, Calculus
Stephen Hlaudy, Physics
Patrick Pavlansky, Chemistry


Terry Billock, American Literature
Thomas Slaven, Biology & Chemistry
Aloise Wertz, Calculus


Stephanie Jarvis, Calculus


Sarah Gerberry, Calculus
Debbie Smith, Chemistry
Rebecca Sobinovsky, Physics


Deborah Weibush, Calculus

South Range

Daniel Yeagley, Calculus


Ronald Lesko, Chemistry


Janice Cross, Calculus

West Branch

Kevin Buckley, Physics
Wendy Lough, Calculus
Tracie McFerren, American Literature

Western Reserve

Sean Garner, Physics

YCSD – East High School

Ken Andrews, Calculus
Traci Cain, Chemistry
Jennifer Walker, American Literature

Trumbull County


Maria Magiassos, Calculus


John Demas, Calculus & Statistics
Kristy Fill, Calculus
Ed Miner, Chemistry & Physics
James Tedesco, Statistics


Joseph Barickman, Calculus
Matt Saborse, Italian
Thomas Williams, American Lit


Damon Haught, Calculus
Laura McCleery, Chemistry


Steve DiMuzio, Chemistry
Craig Klotzbach, Biology
Janice Kovac, Calculus


Maureen Bucko, Physics
Austin Handrych, Calculus


Renee Ifft, Calculus


Deborah Ries, Chemistry


Frank Blasco, Calculus


Svetlana Stechschulte, Calculus


Michael Snyder, Calculus


Rick Kover, Chemistry
Karen Schimley, Calculus


Dawn Haught, Calculus
Allyson Polen, American Literature

Columbiana County

Beaver Local

David Andres, Calculus


Colleen Campbell, Chemistry
Jennifer Sant, Calculus

*deceased (passed away unexpectedly this fall)

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