Faculty/staff achievements, April 2012

David E. Stout, Andrews Chair in Accounting, has recently published the following articles: “Initial Public Offerings and the Role of the Management Accountant in the IPO Process” in Management Accounting Quarterly; “The Smith Company: A Case on Capital Budgeting and Real Options” in Managerial Finance; “Cost-System Redesign: Implementing Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing at a Medium-Sized Electronics Company” in Management Accounting Quarterly; “Using and Assessing an Experiential Learning Project in a Retail Marketing Course” in the Journal of Instructional Pedagogies; “The Role of Continuous Improvement and Mentoring in the Pursuit of Teaching Effectiveness: Perspectives from Award-Winning Accounting Educators” in The Accounting Educators’ Journal; and “Tax-Planning Opportunities for Funding and IRA” in The Tax Advisor.

Bradley Shellito, assistant professor, Geography, presented a paper titled, “Teaching Geospatial Technology on a Shoestring” at the Association of American Geographers conference in New York.

Gabriel Palmer-Fernandez, director, Dr. James Dale Ethics Center, and professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, presented an invited paper, “Immigration – The Growing Irrelevance of the Nation-State as a Normative Account” at the Annual Meeting of the Association of Practical and Professional Ethics.

William Greenway, professor, English, published “Drinking Like a Fish” in Southern Poetry Review.

Steven Brown, professor, English, along with co-author Jenifer Larson-Hall (Kyushu University, Japan) published “Second Language Acquisition Myths: Applying Second Language Research to Classroom Teaching” with the University of Michigan Press.

John Russo, co-director, Center for Working-Class Studies, was principal speaker for the Foreign Press Center Teleconference on the Working-Class Vote in the 2012 Presidential Election, sponsored by the U.S. State Department, after which he was interviewed by an international press corps comprised of 38 journalists from 20 countries.