Faculty/staff achievements, Feb. 2012

Maria D. Delost, professor and director of Clinical Laboratory Programs, presented “Understanding NAACLS Standards and Preparing for the Site Visit”  to more than 100 clinical laboratory program directors in November. The workshop was sponsored by the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences (NAACLS).

Ruigang Wang, assistant professor, Chemistry, recently published two journal papers. The first paper is titled “Improved low-temperature reducibility of ceria zirconia by redox treatment,” published in the Journal of Materials. The co-author is Minghao Fang from the School of Materials Science and Technology, China University of Geosciences (Beijing). The second paper is titled “Synthesis, structure, and scintillation of Ce-doped gadolinium oxyorthosilicate nanoparticles prepared by solution combustion synthesis,” published in the Journal of Applied Physics. The other authors of this paper are from the University of Clemson, Los Alamos National Lab and Arizona State University.

James A. Conser, professor emeritus, and colleagues Rebecca Paynich (Curry College) and Terry Gingerich (Western Oregon University) have published the third edition of the textbook, Law Enforcement in the United States, Jones & Bartlett Publishers.

Weiqing Ge, assistant professor, Physical Therapy, published a paper titled “Plane of vertebral movement eliciting muscle lengthening history in the low back influences the decrease in muscle spindle responsiveness of the cat” in the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Helene Sinnreich, director of the YSU Center for Judaic and Holocaust Studies, is a contributor for the book, Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust, which has been designated a finalist for the National Jewish Book Awards for 2011 in the category of Women’s Studies.

M. Kathleen Leslie Cripe, assistant professor, Teacher Education, and Sherri Lovelace-Cameron, associate professor, Chemistry, presented their research, “Science and Mathematics Integration for Middle School Teachers” at the annual conference for Learning Forward in Anaheim, Calif.

Fred Viehe, professor, History, presented “The 1986 Report of the President’s Commission on Organized Crime:  A Twenty-five Year Historiographical Perspective,” at Hawaii University’s International Conference on Arts and Humanities, and “A Flourishing Feminine Counterculture in Mid-Nineteenth Century Urban America:  The G’hals of New York and Other Cities at Work and Play,” at the Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities, both in Honolulu.

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