Faculty/staff achievements

Martin Cala, professor, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering, is a volunteer member of the Industrial Engineering Professional Engineers Exam Committee. The panel creates, pretests and maintains a test bank for professional engineer licensure that is administered by the National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying. Cala has served on the committee since January 2013 and since then has participated in two-day meetings in Seneca, S.C., Montreal and Atlanta.

Christopher M. Bellas, assistant professor, Criminal Justice and Forensic Sciences, has been named to the Public Policy Committee for the Academy of Criminal Justice Science, one of two national professional organizations in the discipline of Criminal Justice/Criminology. His term begins in the spring of 2015.

silver,dr. thelma 5-5-04

Thelma Silver

Mari Alschuler, assistant professor, Social Work, and Thelma Silver, professor, Social Work, presented a workshop at the International Association of Social Work with Groups in Calgary, Canada. Their topic was “Strengths-Based Group Supervision with Social Work Students.” Alschuler also presented a paper at the National Association of Social Workers National Conference in Washington D.C. Her topic was “Using Reflective Journaling to Explore Beliefs about Heterosexism, Spirituality, and Racism.”

Patrick Durrell and John Feldmeier, both associate professors, Physics and Astronomy, were part of a five-person team of scientists awarded 20 hours of observation time on the Hubble Space Telescope to study how galaxies form over time. Access to the Hubble is limited, with observation time and research funding awarded for only about 20 percent of the proposals submitted. The team plans to conduct its observation for 10 days this fall or in the fall of 2015 because those are the only times that the Hubble will be positioned to accommodate the galaxy formation study.

Snjezana Balaz

Snjezana Balaz

Snjezana Balaz, assistant professor, Physics and Astronomy, co-authored an article, titled “Heterojunction band offsets and dipole formation at BaTiO3/SrTi03 interfaces,” that was published in the Journal of Applied Physics. The article reported on research using photoemission and cathodoluminescence techniques to measure formation of complex oxide heterojunction bands.

Fred Viehe, professor, History, gave a presentation on the topic “The Jungle Inn in Historical Perspective” at a meeting of the Crime Clinic of Greater Youngstown.

Binning_WilliamWilliam C. Binning, professor emeritus, Political Science and International Relations, co-authored an essay entitled “A Report from Mahoning County: Consequences and Causes of Local Party Endorsements” that was published in The State of the Parties, a book edited by John Green and published by Rowman & Littlefield.

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