YSU Board of Trustees, Sept. 15, 2016

YSU seal largeYoungstown State University
Board of Trustees
Thursday, Sept. 15, 2016

The following is a summary of the YSU Board of Trustees meeting in the Trustees Meeting Room on the first floor of Tod Hall. For more details, including full texts of the resolutions and policies, click here.

Oath of Office
Allan K. Metz took the oath of office as a student trustee. Metz, who is studying Biology/Pre-Med, plans to attend medical school and become a physician. He is a member of the YSU University Scholars Program, holds a 4.0 grade point average and has made the President’s and Dean’s lists.

President’s Report
President Jim Tressel welcomed Metz to the board. He said the Fall semester has brought energy and enthusiasm to campus, specifically citing the successful Ignite program and a freshman class that is the most talented in the university’s history. He also said resident halls are full and that there are 14 new faculty members on board.

The Board approved the following:

Academic and Student Affairs Committee
A resolution modifying policy on student residency for tuition purposes. The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. Minimal and minor changes.

A policy on privacy and release of student educational records in accordance: the Family Education and Privacy Act (FERPA). The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. Minimal and minor changes.

A resolution to authorize and confer an honorary Doctor of Business Administration degree for Sam Covelli during the Fall 2016 commencement in December. Covelli is the owner/operator of Covelli Enterprises, headquartered in Warren, Ohio, with more than 35,000 employees. The company is the single largest franchisee of Panera Bread and O’Charley’s Restaurants, operating more than 260 Panera cafes in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Kentucky, Florida and Ontario, Canada.

The committee also heard reports concerning two name changes: The Center for International Studies and Programs will be renamed the International Programs Office, and the Grants and Sponsored Programs office will be renamed the Office of Research Services.

In addition, the committee received a report showing that YSU faculty and staff earned $7.5 million in grant awards in fiscal year 2016, up nearly 65 percent from $4.6 million the previous year. In FY 2016, YSU received its largest grant ever, the largest federal grant award ever to the College of Creative Arts and Communications and the most ever sub-awards issued from the institution.

Institutional Engagement Committee
A resolution modifying the policy on University Publications. The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. Minimal and minor changes.

A resolution to approve engagement for YSU alumni members and WYSU membership. Board policy provides that the President compiles a list of members for each meeting of the Board. The list provided indicates 3,059 members for fiscal year 2016, up from 2,135 in fiscal year 2015.

A resolution to name the Dominic “Dom” Constantini Multimedia Center in Stambaugh Stadium. Constantini, a 1966 graduate of Youngstown University, has provided a gift of $1 million for construction of the new multimedia center, which will provide students in the Communications department a state-of-the-art learning environment to prepare for careers in the broadcasting industry.

A resolution to name the Frank and Norma Watson Student Success Center. Frank, a 1949 graduate of Youngstown University, and Norma Watson have provided a gift of $1 million to assist in costs associated with the center. Mr. Watson is a past member of both the YSU and the YSU Foundation Board of Trustees.

A resolution to name the YSU Foundation Heritage Park. Since 1983, the YSU Heritage Award has honored 62 former faculty and staff who have served the university with distinction. To create an appropriate venue to recognize and honor those recipients, and to commemorate and celebrate the YSU Foundation’s 50th anniversary, the Foundation is making a gift of $100,000 to create The YSU Foundation Heritage Park, located on the north side of Kilcawley Center, just west of Sweeney Hall.

In addition, Foundation President Paul McFadden reported the following 2016-17 goals: $15 million in cash and cash pledges on behalf of YSU and the YSU Foundation; $5 million in planned gift commitments on behalf of the YSU Foundation; successful completion of the third year of the Macte Virtute Campaign.

Finance and Facilities Committee
A resolution approving a schedule of fines related to property damage at University Courtyard Apartments, effective Fall semester 2016. The apartments are managed by RISE Management LLC, which heretofore has assessed and collected fines related to damaged property. The university is assuming responsibility and collecting fines this Fall semester.

A resolution to approve interfund transfers.

A resolution to authorize the issuance and sale of general receipts bond in an amount not to exceed $5.5 million to construct a bookstore on Fifth Avenue. As with the university’s current bookstore in Kilcawley Center, the new bookstore would be operated by Barnes and Noble College.

University Affairs Committee
A resolution modifying policy on Political Activities of Employees. The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. Minimal and minor changes.

A resolution modifying YSU’s Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action Recruitment and Employment Policy. The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. The policy was modified to more closely align with federal guidelines on affirmative action and equal opportunity and to provide guidance on how the Office of Equal Opportunity and Policy Development, in coordination with the Office of Human Resources, implements these principles.

A resolution modifying the policy on fringe benefits for full-time professional, administrative positions [exempt]. The policy was reviewed as part of the university’s five-year review cycle. Minimal and minor changes.

A resolution to rescind the policy on emergency sick leave bank for excluded professional/administrative and classified employees. The policy was rescinded due to an opinion from the Ohio Attorney General that universities are not authorized to implement a sick leave donation program that would allow non-union employees to donate portions of their accrued unused sick leave to a sick leave bank for use by other employees who have exhausted their own paid time office.

A resolution modifying the YSU Discrimination/Harassment Policy. The policy was reviewed and modified on the advice of the Ohio Attorney General’s Office/Education Section in response to recent lawsuits and questions raised by freedom of speech and freedom of religion groups, requesting clarification that discrimination/harassment claims are reviewed using both subjective and objective standards.

A resolution regarding terms and conditions for classified law enforcement employees excluded from collective bargaining. The policies for classified police employees being excused from collective bargaining agreement negotiations.

A resolution to approve the appointment of Sylvia Imler as Associate Vice President, Multicultural Affairs.

A resolution to approve new appointments and other personnel actions, including 11 appointments (four new and seven replacements), 34 separations, three reclassifications, six promotions, 15 salary adjustments/position audits and one layoff.

Chairperson’s remarks
Chair Carole Weimer thanked the administration, faculty, staff and students for a successful start to the academic year. She said there is an air of excitement on campus.

The board set the following meeting dates: 2 p.m. Thursday, Dec. 1, 2016; 3 p.m. Thursday, March 16, 2017; and 3 p.m. Thursday, June 14, 2017.