WYSU hopes to reach fund goal without program interruptions

WYSU logo vert color 2007-12What’s better, a short fund drive, or no drive at all? At WYSU, the answer is NO FUND DRIVE!

Just days into the “soft” or “silent” phase of its $130,000 spring fund drive, WYSU is already halfway to making that happen.

Gary Sexton, WYSU director of broadcasting, said the drive has already raised $67,000. “We are attempting to raise critical programming funds without interrupting the programs those funds help us purchase, giving listeners more days of what they give for,” he said. “We think it is a win for everyone.“

For the past several years, WYSU has had shortened, 3½-day fund drives that have been successful in raising needed funds and meeting goals. This year, WYSU hopes to reach the goal during a four-week “soft” fund drive, without on-air appeals to donors.

To encourage memberships and early pledging, the station is offering prizes at the end of each soft drive week, and a grand prize at the end of the drive. Everyone who pledges support to WYSU between now and the end of the end of the drive will be entered into the drawing to win passage for two on an 11-day trip to the Pacific Northwest that includes several nights in Seattle and a 7-day cruise to Alaska. The drawing includes new members, renewing members, and those who make an additional gift. The trip in July is sponsored by WYSU and Go Ahead Tours. All prizes will be given away, regardless of when the goal is met and the drive ends. To make donations, online go to www.wysu.org and click on the “become a member” link, or call 330-941-1481.

For more information contact Tricia Perry at 330-727-9717, or tlperry01@ysu.edu.