Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Stacey Adger

Fabricae VniuersitatisStacey Adger is the nucleus of the YSU Police Department. Surrounded by monitors, ringing phones, crackling radios, police officers dropping off and picking up information and janitorial staff in and out getting keys, it takes her constant vigilance to maintain control.

It’s Stacey’s sharp mind and good communication skills in constant use at the police department, were originally honed as a WYSU-FM student employee and working various positions at WBBW/WBBG Radio.  She is a former reporter, producer and show host at WYTV. “Once broadcasting became a job, it was time to go,” she said.

Stacey Adger

Stacey Adger

After always having a hankering to pursue police work, Stacey went to the police academy and became an intermittent police officer at YSU in 1999. She spent a little time at the Youngstown police and a few years at a private correctional institution before returning to YSU five years ago.

But it’s not her police work that brings out her beaming personality; it’s her research into her family tree that really excites her. Her ancestors were slaves, owned by an Irish immigrant family named Adger.  “Having only one core family to track makes research a little easier,” she says. Her extended family pool includes mentions of school desegregation, voting rights, Frederick Douglass, Cheyney University and the Underground Railroad.

Years of research and networking has put Stacey in touch with Adgers from across the country, in an effort to see how, and if, they are related. Growing up in Youngstown and being a graduate of The Rayen School, she has long considered the North Side home. Time not working is spent with her father, siblings and a niece and nephew.


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