Ohio Export Internship Program open to YSU business students

Youngstown State University’s Williamson College of Business Administration is collaborating with the Ohio Development Services Agency to offer the Ohio Export Internship Program to YSU business students.

The program, originally developed by ODSA and WCBA, involves selecting highly motivated students to participate in a specially-designed exporting course in the Spring and then matching these students with companies that have committed to providing full-time paid exporting-related internships in the summer.

Applications deadline is Oct. 24. Interviews will be scheduled for the last week in October. Students must be interested in exporting and international business and have a minimum 3.0 grade average and a graduation date of December 2015 or later. Student applications are available at www.ysucoe.com/programs/eip2015.

Participating companies must provide compensation for the internship, managerial guidance for the intern, and a planned export budget along with participation in the program evaluation. Companies interested in hiring an intern or students who wish to apply for the export internship program should contact Dr. Bruce Keillor at bdkeillor@ysu.edu.

The internship program is designed to provide students with hands-on experience in working with an Ohio company committed to expanding their international markets. The exporting course will cover an intensive introduction to exporting and will involve all aspects of the exporting process, including international management, international marketing, international finance, international logistics, and compliance. Students will attend lectures and interact with visiting business executives and export specialists. Students will be mentored and closely supervised by Bruce Keillor, chair of the Department of Marketing, and Mousa Kassis, international trade advisor for the International Trade Assistance Center in the Ohio Small Business Development Center at YSU.

OSDA will fund up to $3,600 for wages for the 12-week full-time summer internship. The program will create a fundamental way to bridge and partner business with urban research universities. YSU is the second university in Ohio to be a part of the ODSA, Export Internship Program.