New Student One Stop opens in Meshel Hall

YSU Student One Stop

The YSU One Stop center is open for business in Meshel Hall.

YSU’s new Student One Stop Center is designed to provide improved and hassle-free service to students registering for classes, applying for financial aid and paying their bills.

“If centrality of students is at our core, then the first thing that students should experience is world class service that meets their needs and expectations,” said Jack Fahey, vice president for Student Affairs. “We believe that the creation of this One Stop Center helps us do just that.”

The One Stop Center opened Feb. 11 and is located in Meshel Hall.

Registrar Jeanne Herman said One Stop Centers have emerged as a best practice for improving customer service within the financial aid, registration and student accounts triad of services.

“Because these three services are so inter-related, a student typically needs to work with each of these areas in order to complete registration,” Herman said. “As a result, a student may need to speak to three or more people to resolve an issue they may be having. Universities have found that by creating a One Stop Center with staff trained in all three areas, most students can be assisted with their business in just one phone call or visit. This change significantly improves the student’s experience.”

Fahey said that colleges and universities that have adopted One Stop Centers also indicate that the initiative enhances retention and saves money.

Staffing of the YSU Center consists of a supervisor at the associate director level, two entry-level professional staff, and three graduate interns. The positions were funded from vacancies created primarily through the early retirement incentive plan.

In preparation for the Center, the Office of the Registrar was restructured last summer. Office space was adjusted so that One Stop employees were centrally located, creating an environment where student service comes first and staff is encouraged to make independent decisions and apply professional judgment to assist students in one stop, Herman said.

In addition, a call management system was installed, one-stop services such as online transcript requests and online application for graduation were implemented, and a webpage was created to help students locate information about all three service areas in one location.