New employees

Welcome to the following individuals who have joined the YSU team this Fall semester:

Shelley Blundell,
Assistant Professor, Communication

Cory Brozina, Assistant Professor/Director of First-Year Engineering, Mechanical and Industrial Engineering.

Kristin L. Bruns, Assistant Professor, Counseling, Special Education and School Psychology

Kelly Colwell, Assistant Professor, Health Professions.

Jaelyn Farris, Assistant Professor, Psychology.

Christopher Austin Hill, Assistant Professor, Theater and Dance.

Alena Kirova, Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literatures/English.

Yongung Kwon, Assistant Professor, Human Performance and Exercise Science.

Eric MacDonald, Professor/The Morris and Phyllis Friedman Chair in Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Kimberly M. Pleva, Instructor, Management.

Amy Raabe, Instructor, Human Ecology.

Robert Twomey, Assistant Professor, Art.

Amy Elizabeth Williams, Assistant Professor,  Counseling, Special Education and School Psychology

Dennis A. Yommer Jr., Instructor, English.

Cory Pedaline, Network Administrator 2, Media & Academic Computing

Robert Chance, Boiler/Air Quality Technician, Facilities

Danielle Mordocco, Assistant Coordinator, Project PASS

Marcelle Wilson, Museum Site Manager, Museum of Industry and Labor

Kelly Beers, Associate Director, Student Conduct

Sarah Gampo, Director, Internal Audit and Risk Management

Jessica Gaskell, Counselor, Student One Stop

Alison Kaufman, Coordinator, Assessment

Scott Knudson, Academic Information Systems Specialist, Graduate Studies