Melnick Museum adds Mahoning County Medical Society collection

medical society bulletinThe Rose Melnick Medical Museum at Youngstown State University has added the first 25 years of the Bulletin of the Mahoning County Medical Society to its digital archives depository.

“These magazines are a wonderful source of local medical and health history,” said Cassie Nespor, museum curator. “They have articles about physicians receiving awards and doing research, local hospital news, and information about public health services.”

The Bulletins date from 1931 to 1956.

The late Dr. John Melnick, a Youngstown radiologist who founded the museum in 1985, had a large collection of Bulletins at the museum. Last summer, Nespor worked with the Medical Society to fill in the few gaps in the collection. A student worker, Taylor Amato, a senior Accounting major, scanned the magazines over the course of about two years. The new collection is housed in the Rose Melnick Medical Museum section of the digital archives.

Nespor said the second stage of the project is for her to add a summary of each issue, making it easier to find information on particular people and local events.

The museum will also continue to scan and upload the Bulletin, all the way to the current issues, covering 84 years of local medical history.