Key to linking YSU to downtown: Get green!


This rendering shows the greening of the space leading to downtown from YSU.

More exciting building facades. New traffic patterns. Better signage. Improved lighting. And even a big sliding board to get down the hill from campus to downtown.

Those are among some of the recommendations of a group of architectural design college students who came to Youngstown earlier this fall to assess ways to better connect the YSU campus to downtown.

Sponsored in part by YSU’s Center for Urban and Regional Studies, the students from Kent State, Ball State and Lawrence Tech universities spent three days and came up with a variety of ideas, many of them focused on making the stretch from campus to downtown to the Mahoning River a greener experience.

The final report suggest “a green street storyline from campus to river,” including new large-, mid-, and small-scale green spaces, green downtown roofs and green spaces integrated into parking lots.

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