Interview Day for business, engineering, CSIS students is March 30

Williamson Hall at Youngstown State University is home to several of YSU's business student organizations and holds lectures, events and programs throughout the year, as well as serving as the University's business college.

YSU's Williamson Hall is home to the Williamson College of Business Administration.

More than 120 students majoring in business, engineering and computer science at Youngstown State University will be interviewing with area employers for the Spring 2012 Interview Day, to be held this Friday, March 30, 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. in Williamson Hall on campus.

The Spring 2012 Interview Day will be the 30th Interview Day since its development in the fall of 1997. Past employers have included state, local and federal government agencies, public accounting firms,  Fortune 500 corporations, marketing firms, public relations agencies, brokerage firms, banks and financial institutions, investment groups, manufacturing companies, consulting firms, non-profit organizations and retail establishments.

The Offices of Professional Practice are committed to serving the business community and students through the Professional Practice Program for internships and co-ops—which are often short-term, project-specific work opportunities that allow students to earn college credits toward graduation.  Students also gain hands-on career experience in their fields of study, which enhances their professional resumes, makes them more marketable and have resulted in full-time, professional employment. This program is a joint venture sponsored by the Williamson College of Business Administration and the College of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics at YSU.

Employers who are interested in attending the future Interview Day programs for business interns can contact Gwenn Clark in the WCBA Office of Professional Practice at 330-941-1405. Employers with engineering or computer science hiring needs can contact Sherri Hrusovski at 330-941-2912.