Internationally recognized religious studies major

Cary Dabney is a YSU Student Success Story because of his recent recognition in an international podcast.

Cary Dabney

YSU junior Cary Dabney was featured in a recent online episode of “Say Something,” a podcast of the internationally read publication The Chronicle of Higher Education, to share his story about his life-changing experience —one which led him to his passion for working in the field of religious studies.

The episode features a sound clip of Dabney as he remembers an incident that happened to him during the 9/11 tragedy; check out the podcast here to listen to his story.

This isn’t the only time Dabney’s been featured in a recent publication, either. The non-traditional full-time YSU student, part-time student employee, dedicated husband and father of six was also the focus of the cover story for the YSU Magazine last year. Dabney’s impressively full life, his stellar academic career as a Philosophy and Religious Studies major at YSU, and his determination to work toward an eventual Ph.D. make him a YSU Student Success Story and have earned him the attention he deserves both locally and now, internationally.

Check out the Spring 2011 issue of the YSU Magazine to read more about Dabney, his family and his experiences at YSU.