Future perfusion professional

Cassie Garland is a YSU Student Success Story and a future perfusion professional.

Cassie Garland

Cassie Garland, a senior biology student at YSU, was recently accepted into the Cleveland Clinic School of Perfusion, a highly competitive program that combines perfusion-specific clinical experience and field-related courses.

Only seven other students were accepted.

A University Scholar at YSU, Garland of McDonald has always had a far-reaching passion for medical care. Undergoing heart surgery at 15, she became interested in the medical field and started shadowing several doctors and a cardiologist. Working as a research assistant under the late Carl Sims at YSU, she also gained experience in a cardiac dynamics laboratory performing research in the study and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.

When Garland was introduced to perfusion, it was a field she had never heard of involving the control of heart-lung machines and other technologies to maintain the health of patients during heart surgery.

“I instantly knew it was the perfect career fit for me,” she said.

Having the degree, grades and application packet that were required, Garland applied to the Cleveland Clinic School of Perfusion and was granted an interview with a team of professional perfusionists and one student in the program. She was awarded one of the eight open spots within a week of her interview.

Garland will graduate from YSU this December and start the first term of the perfusionist program this January. She will need to finish three terms and pass her Boards before becoming a cardiopulmonary perfusionist but is already looking forward to the exciting challenge of her future career.