Free workshop set on “Whole Brain Teaching”

Lindsey Roush, a graduate of Youngstown State University and a teacher in the Beaver Local schools, presents a free workshop titled “Whole Brain Teaching for Challenging Students” 5 to 7 p.m., Tuesday, Nov. 12.

The presentation is in McKay Auditorium in the Beeghly College of Education on the YSU campus.

To register, email

According to the website, Whole Brain Teaching rests upon the principle that teachers at every level share the same difficulties: students lack discipline, background knowledge and fundamental problem-solving skills. From kindergarten to college, teachers face students who have difficulty with reading and writing. Nonetheless, students respond to challenges, enjoy well-designed learning games, and can make, in the proper setting, astonishing educational progress. The goal is to create peaceful classrooms full of orderly fun.

At the root of Whole Brain Teaching, the website says, is a large amount of highly structured, educational tomfoolery. Students learn the most when they are having fun. Whole Brain Teaching classrooms are full of task-focused laughter. Humor and games are used to increase the number of times students repeat core information and practice basic skills. Classes are highly disciplined and tightly organized because students have more fun following our rules, than ignoring them.