Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Tim Gallo

Fabricae VniuersitatisOn a daily basis, Tim Gallo sees most athletes’ dirty laundry, quite literally. Tim works in laundry operations at the university, a task that involves 400 to 500 pounds of washing and drying every day.

With thousands of dollars of equipment and uniforms, it takes industrial washers and good organization to keep everything clean and ready to go. In addition to athletics, Tim takes care of the laundry needs for the dentistry and physical therapy programs on campus.

Laundry is deposited through several chutes in the basement of Stambaugh Stadium to be sorted, and the chutes have been subject to abuse from time to time. “I’ve seen everything come through there, even a person once, a skinny kid,” he says.

Tim Gallo

Tim Gallo

While doing laundry every day may seem like an unattractive job to many, Tim’s welcoming personality, the relaxed atmosphere of the underground equipment room in Stambaugh Stadium, with comfy chairs and the warm, clean smell of the washers, attracts students looking to escape the stress of sports and school.

Many students swing by on a regular basis. “Especially the older ones, when they’ve been here for three or four years, they have a tendency to sit down and B.S.,” he said. “You start to get to know them a bit, get to know their families. If you go to enough football, baseball, softball and soccer games, you get to know their parents.”

Tim hasn’t missed a home football game in 12 years, and has only missed one road trip. He attends all of the basketball games, and now that softball and soccer are across the street, he goes to those as well.

Now an Austintown resident, Tim enjoys hockey (a Pittsburgh Penguins fan), and spending time with his godson.


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