Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Michael Lisi

Fabricae VniuersitatisThere are a lot of things that Michael Lisi likes about his job, but getting to know students is probably his favorite.

“It’s fun to meet students and help them out with whatever they need,” said Lisi, Library Media Technical Assistant in Maag Library. “Watching students graduate is the most fun. We try to hire students as freshmen and watch them navigate YSU until it’s time for them to graduate.”

Lisi graduated from Medina High School in 1993 and was a student at YSU when, a year before graduation, he applied for and received the full-time job at the library. He is responsible for Maag’s course reserves. That means he decides what books the library will buy, according to each faculty member’s required texts. He also files any other materials faculty would like to store in the library.

Michael Lisi

Michael Lisi

In addition, he helps hire student workers and works at the circulation desk. “Day-to-day, I keep the students busy,” he says. “I also work with five employees at the circulation desk, and we rotate the desk throughout the day.”

Working at the front desk also requires knowledge of a wide variety of subjects. “People come in with a lot of different questions, whether it’s where the bathroom is or where something is in the library,” he says. “Some students will even ask how to drop classes or what classes to take.”

Lisi, who previously worked in retail at Sam’s Club and Men’s Wearhouse, lives with his wife and four children on Youngstown’s North Side. He coaches a team for the Niles Youth Soccer League and also works for the league as a licensed referee.