Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Jan Evick

fabricae vniure logoThis fall, Jan Evick, administrative assistant in Procurement Services/Accounts Payable, celebrated her 26th year as a YSU employee. On the second floor of Jones Hall, Jan spends her time paying the bills for the university. All day, every day – purchase order invoices, travel and miscellaneous expenses – Jan is there to make sure all of the charges that the university incurs are paid.

“I like to read a lot, and do crafts when time permits,” she says. “Because we spend so much time here in the office, probably more time here than at home, I like to look at something pleasant during the day.” A lot of the crafts, plants, painted items and seasonal decorations, not only in her office, but in the office at large, are created or brought in by Jan.

Jan Evick

Jan Evick

Austintown born and raised, Jan attended Austintown Fitch High School, and worked at several local businesses, including Mahoning Culvert, where she met her husband, Rich, before beginning work at YSU in 1988. Jan also has a brother and sister in town, and her nephew attends YSU.

In addition to crafts, Jan likes to travel, having been out West sporadically, and to Florida annually. She also likes classic rock and the occasional concert. She and her husband regularly met with friends from Pittsburgh to see Jimmy Buffet when he played in the area.

A naturally organized person, writing checks for herself, her husband, their parents and the university, Jan has made herself comfortable and happy in a position away from the limelight. She still sees former coworkers from YSU outside the office, and to her, they are just like an extended family.