Expert to speak on DNA forensics

Dan Krane, DNA forensics

Dan Krane

Dan Krane, professor of biology at Wright State University and one of the world’s foremost DNA experts, presents “The Science (and Pseudoscience) of Forensic DNA Profiling” at 1 p.m. Friday, May 2, in Room 3022 of Ward Beecher Hall on the campus of Youngstown State University.┬áThe presentation is free.

Krane graduated with a bachelor’s degree in biology and chemistry from John Carroll University in 1985 and obtained a PhD in molecular biology from Penn State in 1990. He did post-doctoral research at Washington University and Harvard before accepting a faculty appointment at Wright State in 1993.

He has testified as an expert witness in more than 100 criminal trials in which DNA evidence was presented and served as a consultant in the O.J. Simpson trial. In 2002, Krane founded Forensic Bioinformatics, a company that reviews and evaluates DNA data for defense attorneys. The company uses specialized software developed by Wright State to analyze massive amounts of data. Forensic Bioinformatics receives such requests in as many as 1,000 cases a year. The company was involved in the first challenge to DNA testing results in the history of the United Kingdom, a case in which the judge raised questions about the reliability of DNA testing in the United Kingdom as a whole.

Earlier this month, Krane, president of the faculty at Wright State and chair of the Ohio Faculty Council, was named an ACE Fellow by the American Council on Education, a prestigious honor designed to prepare emerging leaders for senior positions in college and university administration.