Changing of the names – Poli Sci, Bursar

Two names are changing on campus.

The Political Science department is switching to the Department of Politics and International Relations.

Chair Paul Sracic said the term “political science” was popular 60 years ago and reflected the emphasis on quantitative approaches to the study of politics, but today the word “science” may confuse and dissuade some students. “Politics and International Relations” better reflects classes in the department.

Also, what used to be the University Bursar many years ago and was changed a while back to Student Accounts and University Receivables is now back again to the Office of University Bursar. “Everything old is new again,” says Gloria Kobus, university bursar.

The switch was made because the acronym SAUR was a bit, well, sour-sounding. Also, the term Bursar is more typically used and recognized at universities nationwide, Kobus said.

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