“Birdman” takes spot in Tod Hall lobby

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Student artist Dan Newman installs his steel sculpture in the lobby of Tod Hall.

The artist named his creation “Interpreter,” but viewers usually prefer to call it “birdman.“

YSU junior Dan Newman doesn’t mind a bit.

An art major, Newman designed the steel rod sculpture, now on display in Tod Hall, to resemble a half-man, half-parakeet. Ten feet long, with a beaked head and four-toed parakeet-like feet, the piece has two large wings on its back.

sculpturePresident Jim Tressel noticed the work this spring at the McDonough Museum and asked that it be placed on temporary display at Tod Hall. Newman gladly agreed, and he recruited a friend and fellow art major, Nick Carney, to help assemble the piece.

“We’re thrilled to have Dan’s work displayed this way, “ said Greg Moring, professor and chair, Art. “We’d certainly like to see more student art work exhibited around campus.”

Newman is a native of West Middlesex, Pa. and is majoring in 3D studies, which includes sculpture and ceramics. After earning his baccalaureate at YSU, he plans to pursue a master’s degree in Fine Arts and hopes to teach art on the college level.