On the go: HR, Parking, IR, others have moved

movingOver the course of the past few weeks, several campus offices have relocated.

Among the moves:

*Human Resources is now in Tod Hall.
*Associate Degree/Tech Prep, Assessment and Degree Audit are in Jones Hall.
*Disability Services is at 30 W. Wood St. (corner of Phelps and Wood)
*Parking Services is at 275 Fifth Ave., the new Smith Hall.
*Janitorial Services is now in the basement of Cushwa Hall.
*WYSU and the YSU Foundation are now in Melnick Hall.
*Institutional Research is now in Phelps Hall.

Here is a detailed list of the relocated employees and offices (for more detailed contact information, including telephone extension and email address, visit the Faculty/Staff Directory, http://www.ysu.edu/facultystaff/) :

Tod Hall
Human Resources
Rosalyn Donaldson, Training Development, Tod 310A
Marcie Patton, Benefits, Tod 319
Carrie Clyde, Benefits, Tod 312C
Linda Mazzocco, Benefits, Tod 312D
Linda Moore, Benefits, Tod 312B
Alisha Yanniello, HR, Tod 353
Jennifer Lewis, HR, Tod 324
Arnay Burney, HR, Tod 357
Cynthia Blevins, HR, Tod 350
Kevin Reynolds, HR, Tod 352
Megan Massaro, HR, Tod 320
Ghia Burzynski, HR, Tod 354
Al Boggs, HR, Tod 355
Fran LeGoullon, HR, Tod 305

General Counsel
Margo Bailey, Tod 323
Holly Jacobs, Tod 314C
Mari Jusino, Tod 314
Greg Morgione, Tod 314B

Equal Opportunity
Jennifer Gavalier, Tod 302
Cindy Kravitz, Tod 301, 303 and 358

Jones Hall Panorama no wires

Jones Hall

Jones Hall
Hillary Fuhrman, Jones 3048A
Eileen Esposito, Jones 3048C

Degree Audit
Charles Powers, Jones 3041
Faun Williams, Jones 3043
Kim Verdone, Jones 3042

Associate Degree and Tech Prep
Carmela Williams, Jones 3018
Arlene Floyd, Jones 3017

Faculty Assigned to Provost
Joe Palardy, Jones 3028
Program Review, Jones 3024
First Year Experience, Jones 3029

New Smith Hall, 275 Fifth Ave.
Parking Services
Derrick Cobbin
Lisa Cutter
Laura Duffy
Martha Frazzini
Norma Grumley
Barry Jenkins
Thomas Manning
Danny O’Connell
Gary Snyder

Cushwa Hall
Janitorial Services
Tiffany Buck, Cushwa B260
Daniel Kuzma, Cushwa B262
Martyn Moss, Cushwa B250
Richard Perrine, Cushwa B258

Melnick for web

Melnick Hall

Melnick Hall
Cindy Bella, Melnick 2031
Chris Hartman, Melnick 2046
Barbara Krauss, Melnick 2023
Ronald Krauss, Melnick 2047
David Luscher, Melnick 2035
Susan Moorer, Melnick 2028
Tricia Perry, Melnick 2029
Richard Popovich, Melnick 2025
Gary Sexton, Melnick 2027

YSU Foundation
David Baker, Melnick 1014
Chris Bosela, Melnick 1007
Heather Chunn, Melnick 1004
Lorrie Durkin, Melnick 1010
Dan Kopp, Melnick 1008
Paul McFadden, Melnick 1005
David Morgan, Melnick 1006
Chaney Nezbeth, Melnick 1017 Brian Nord, Melnick 1011
Kaitlyn Pinter, Melnick (Front Lobby)
Diane Playforth, Melnick 1013
Mandy Shina, Melnick 1009
Brian Wolf, Melnick 1016

36 W. Wood St.
(Corner of Phelps and Wood)

Disability Services
Mike Greco, Room 20
Gina McGranahan, Room 18
Debbie Moy, Room 4

Phelps Hall
Institutional Research
Becky Geltz, Phelps 216
Steve Taraszewski, Phelps 215A

Youngstown Design Works