YSU Board of Trustees ratifies tentative agreement for faculty contract

The Youngstown State University Board of Trustees today unanimously ratified a tentative agreement for a new three-year contract with the YSU-Ohio Education Association, the union representing university faculty.

The agreement must now be ratified by the union membership in order to create a new collective bargaining agreement.

“This tentative agreement is the outcome of months of deliberate and thoughtful discussion that has resulted in a negotiated, accepted and recommended tentative agreement by both the faculty and administration bargaining teams,” Board Chair Carole Weimer said. “The Board commends both teams for their long hours of hard work to find common ground and to sign off on all articles in the contract.

While the union membership ordinarily would ratify the tentative agreement prior to the Board, Weimer said trustees believe it is appropriate to be proactive in their approval.

“We are hopeful that members of our faculty will follow suit, ratify the tentative agreement in an expedited fashion and send a message to our students and the community that we can work collaboratively for the continued stability, viability and success of the university.”