Prof’s work endorsed by international organization

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Frank Bosso

Professor Frank Bosso wanted to give his exercise science students quick access to specialized assessment and research data, not just for class assignments but also for working with clients after graduation.

When he realized there was no such tool available, Bosso and a colleague spent more than a decade working to create Total Fitness Assessment, a subscription-based online program that includes 700 physical fitness assessments based on the published work of 3,000 researchers.

“We all have books and journals sitting on the shelf gathering dust,” Bosso explained. “This is like having a complete library at your immediate disposal in a very useful format, accessible on all of today’s most popular web browsers and tablet computers.”

Bosso, a YSU professor of Human Performance and Exercise Sciences, and his co-author, Nelson K. Ng, a Fulbright Scholar and retired Slippery Rock University professor, won the endorsement of the American College of Sports Medicine for their software. ACSM is the largest exercise and sports medicine organization in the world.

He said Total Fitness Assessment can be helpful for the study and practice of exercise physiology, exercise testing and prescription, strength and conditioning, fitness assessment and personal training.

Bosso and Ng, who together have accumulated more than 75 years experience in the college classroom, had noticed that their students sometimes struggled with making fitness calculations and putting them into practice. He believes their software will be useful for students as well as for professionals working in the exercise science field.

“This isn’t a substitute for classroom instruction,” he said, “but students will definitely find practical ways to use it as a guide long after they leave the classroom.”

Bosso, who joined the YSU faculty in 1994, is certified as a Health Fitness Specialist by the ACSM, as a Cancer Exercise Specialist by the Rocky Mountain Cancer Rehabilitation Institute, and as a Health Promotion Director by the Cooper Institute.