University moves to paperless time cards, leave forms

Paul Kobulnicky works at YSU's Office of Finance and Administration and is helping take the University to a paperless time-card and leave-form system.

Paul Kobulnicky

Paper time cards and vacation and sick leave forms will soon be a part of the past as Youngstown State University transitions into a new computer-based system.

“We hope to fully implement a system that will eliminate the burdensome, manual process that we now have in place to file these types of documents,” said Paul Kobulnicky of the Office of Finance and Administration and leader of the Banner Web Time and Web Exception project team.

“This new system is faster, more accurate and will lead to greater efficiencies across campus.”

Over the course of the next year, YSU’s Human Resources and Payroll departments will implement the system that allows for the submission and approval of all time cards, vacation, sick and other leave documents to be done via the campus network or the Internet.

“A successful implementation will require the involvement of all employees, student employees, supervisors and departments,” Kobulnicky said.

As a first step, the university is verifying organizational structures and supervisory relationships throughout the campus. A small pilot program will be launched in the spring of 2012. Kobulnicky said the plan is to first process student employees under the new system starting in the summer session. Classified employees will be brought into the system in fall 2012, followed by all other employee groups.

Kobulnicky said all employees and supervisors will be trained on the new system as it is rolled out to ensure that employees know how to submit data properly and that supervisors know how to review and approve submissions. He said more information will be forthcoming in the months ahead.

Other members of the project team are Lisa Reichert of Payroll; Steve Lucivjansky of Human Resources; and Rick Marsico, Donna Madasci and Lori Hinebaugh of Computer Services.