YSU employees volunteer $203,198 in concessions

Youngstown State University employees have volunteered for concessions amounting to more than $200,000 in savings for the university.

The university asked that employees help with the budget challenges by voluntarily signing up for unpaid furlough days and forfeiting vacation days. In all, 128 employees signed up for concessions totaling $203,198. On average, participating employees volunteered concessions amounting to $1,587 each. The givebacks included 930 unpaid furlough days and 3,555 hours of forfeited vacation.

β€œI commend all of you for stepping forward during these difficult times and taking part in this important effort,” said Sudershan K. Garg, chair of the YSU Board of Trustees. β€œIt truly is a reflection of your dedication to your job, your colleagues and to the institution as a whole.”

The voluntary furlough and vacation day givebacks were part of a larger plan announced by the university last fall to address a $6.6 million budget deficit.

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