Beeghly College of Education posts perfect scores, leads state

For the second consecutive year, graduates of Youngstown State University’s Beeghly College of Education lead the state of Ohio in achieving 100 percent passing rates on licensure exams.

All 206 YSU teacher education students who completed the program between September 2012 and September 2013 passed state licensure exams tests, according to the second annual Ohio Educator Preparation Performance Report released this month. In addition, all 19 YSU students who completed the principal preparation program passed their licensure exams.

Jennifer Walker, 2009 Ohio Teacher of Year and  a graduate of YSU's Beeghly College of Education.

Jennifer Walker, 2009 Ohio Teacher of Year and a graduate of YSU’s Beeghly College of Education.

Among the 13 public universities in Ohio, YSU is the only one with 100 percent passage rates on both exams. Among all 51 public and private universities and colleges in Ohio, only five others have perfect passage rates on both tests, and those are all small, private institutions – Notre Dame, Franciscan, Antioch, Muskingum and Rio Grande.

The statewide passage rate is 97 percent for the teacher exam and 95 percent for the principal exams. Among other Northeast Ohio universities, Kent State’s passage rate was 93 percent on the teacher exam and 100 percent on the principal exam, Cleveland State was 89 percent and 100 percent, and Akron was 96 percent and 94 percent. Ohio State recorded passage rates of 97 and 98 percent.

The perfect passage rate is a reflection of the thorough preparation that YSU students receive in the Beeghly College of Education, said Charles Howell, dean.

“Test results are backed up by consistently positive ratings from students who complete the program,” he said.

Education student teacher in the classroom

Wilson Okello, graduate of YSU’s Beeghly College of Education.

Howell also said that the Performance Report documents the extensive field experience that is included in YSU’s education program. “Field experience is widely recognized as a hallmark of quality in teacher preparation,” he said. “The in-depth clinical experiences our candidates receive are reflected in the high percentage that successfully complete student teaching.”

The Performance Reports include various data from 13 public and 38 private Ohio institutions that prepare classroom teachers and school principals. All of the reports are available at