Assessment efforts recognized

A poster at the Annual Appreciation Ceremony at YSU depicts various assessment efforts and initiatives. Provost Ikram Khawaja looks on.

Provost Ikram Khawaja looks at a poster at the Annual Appreciation Ceremony.

Faculty and staff were recognized earlier this week at the Annual Appreciation Ceremony hosted by YSU’s Office of Assessment and YSU’s Academy Team.

The winners of the First Annual Assessment Poster Competition were: Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, “Evolution of Program Learning Outcomes for the BS in Biology”; and Abbie Twyford and Joy Polkabla-Byers, “Supporting the Mission, Supporting the Students: Assessment in Campus Recreation and Student Programming.”

Entries in the First Annual Best Practices in Assessment Poster Competition also included: Rebecca Curnalia, “Assessment as Scholarship: Researching, Selecting, and Evaluating Learning Outcomes”; Erin Driscoll, “Utilizing Dashboards for Strategic Assessment and Communication”; Pricilla Gitimu, “Best Practices in Assessment for Merchandising Fashion and Interiors Program”; Robin Sakonyi and Susan Mark-Sracic, “Keeping Students Engaged at YSU”; Gene Soltis, “It Takes a College to…Continuous Improvement in Beeghly College of Education Assessment”; and Nancy Wagner and Renee McManus, “Assessment in Nursing: Better Outcomes for Students and Patients.”

Assessment Mini-Grant recipients for 2011-12 were Melinda Bowen-Houck (WYSU); Molly Jameson Cox and Julie Blaskewicz (Psychology); Julie Felix (Academic Advisors); Karen Larwin (Educational Foundations, Research, Technology, and Leadership); Mike Theall and Regina Reese (Teacher Education). Mini-Grant recipients for 2012-13 are Cheryl Bosley (Nursing); William Buckler (Academic Advisors);  Susan Clutter and Rob Wardle (Forensic Science); Weiqing Ge (Physical Therapy); Patty Hoyson and Mary Shortreed (Nursing); Jodie Krontiris-Litowitz, Kendra Fowler, Cary Horvath, and Justin Edwards (Biology, Marketing, and Communication); Sue Leson (Human Ecology);  Susan Mark-Sracic and Robin Sakonyi (Center for Student Progress).

The ceremony was also held to thank the following committees for their leadership and contributions to the improvement of assessment on campus:

YSU Academy Team: Cynthia Anderson, William Buckler, Cheryl Bosley, Bege Bowers, Chet Cooper, Michael Crist, Jack Fahey, Hillary Fuhrman, Shearle Furnish, Tod Porter, and Sharon Stringer.

Assessment Council: Bege Bowers, Marty Cala, Wayne Counts, Amy Crawford, Erin Driscoll, Katie Ensley, Hillary Fuhrman, Karen Larwin, Sue Leson, Joy Polkabla-Byers, Tod Porter, Sharon Stringer, Steve Taraszewski, Jill Tall, and Tiffany Varney.

General Education Committee: Chelsea Baker, Kevin Ball, Bob Beebe, Brian Bonhomme, Mike Crist, Becky Curnalia, Jeanette Garr, Julie Felix, Sarah Lowry, Matt O’Mansky, Tod Porter, Peter Reday, Zara Shah-Rowlands, Sharon Stringer, Gregg Sturrus, and Alan Tomhave.

Volunteer Assessment Council Reviewers: Shawntae Burton, Dragana Crnjak, Sherry Harper-Woods, and Chris McCullough.