YSU approves $177.2 million budget for 2014

The Youngstown State University Board of Trustees approved a $177.2 million operating budget for fiscal year 2014.

The budget is $1.5 million or 1 percent less than the FY 2013 budget. Over the last two fiscal years, the budget has shrunk by $3.8 million or 2.1 percent.

“We have carefully crafted a budget that allows us to invest in world-class programs that help ensure the continued success of our students while also streamlining and developing even greater efficiencies in our operations,” said Sudershan Garg, board chair.

The budget sets tuition at $3,950 a semester for full-time undergraduate students living in Ohio, or $7,900 a year. That’s an increase of $94 per semester or 2.4 percent. Even with the increase, YSU’s tuition remains the lowest among Ohio’s 11 public, comprehensive universities – and is projected to be $2,158 below the average for public, comprehensive universities across the state of Ohio. (See tuition chart)

At the same time, scholarship funding from both the university and the YSU Foundation will increase by nearly $2 million in FY 2014, providing additional support for more than 3,000 students.

“We have made it a priority over the years to ensure that YSU is the most affordable university of its kind and the best higher education value in the state of Ohio, while offering high-quality academic programs and student services,” YSU President Cynthia E. Anderson said. “We also realize that attending college can be a financial burden. That’s why we are happy to partner with the YSU Foundation to significantly increase our scholarship funding.”

Also included in the new tuition schedule is expansion of YSU’s Affordable Tuition Advantage program. Previously, the program provided substantially lower out-of-state surcharges for undergraduate students in eight counties in Western Pennsylvania. The program will expand to include eight additional counties in Western Pennsylvania, for a total of 16 counties, as well as four counties in West Virginia and Chautauqua County in New York State. Tuition for students in those counties will be $4,070 per semester, only $120 more than in-state tuition. Undergraduate tuition for students outside of Ohio and outside the counties included in the Affordable Tuition Advantage program will be $6,950 per semester.

Graduate student tuition will increase as follows: $154 or 3 percent to $5,283 per semester for in-state students; and $169 or 3.2 percent to $5,403 per semester for students in the Affordable Tuition Advantage program.                              

The budget projects that state allocations will be flat in FY 2014. That follows two consecutive years of significant decreases in state funding – down $1.1 million in FY 2013 and down $7 million in FY 2012. Ten years ago, state funding made up 50 percent of YSU’s general fund budget. Now, the state funds only 25 percent. The budget also projects a 1 percent decline in enrollment. For the past two years, enrollment has decreased by an average of 3.9 percent per year.

The budget also includes a mandatory transportation fee of $115 per semester ($58 in the summer) for all students enrolled in six or more credit hours. The transportation fee replaces the optional parking permit fee, which is currently $120 per semester ($60 in the summer). The transportation fee will provide expanded shuttle services for students and will enable the university to significantly increase parking reserve funds in anticipation of the eventual replacement of the parking deck on Lincoln Avenue.

On the expenditure side of the budget, personnel costs will decrease 1.5 percent, in part due to the fact that the positions of nearly 120 retirees have not been filled, resulting in $7.5 million in temporary vacancy savings. Nineteen positions have been permanently eliminated, saving $1.1 million. Also, in FY 2014, employees will pay increased contributions for health insurance. In addition, $3 million in reductions in operating expenses will continue.


Ohio Comprehensive Public Universities*
Annual Undergraduate Tuition, FY 2014 Projections**


                                                                        Tuition, sorted              Tuition compared

                                                                        lowest to highest          to YSU

Youngstown State University



Wright State University



University of Toledo



Cleveland State University



Kent State University



Ohio State University



University of Akron



Statewide Average



Ohio University




Bowling Green State University



University of Cincinnati



Miami University




*Comprehensive universities include public institutions in Ohio that confer baccalaureate, master’s and doctoral degrees.

**FY 2013 tuition projections are based on a recent survey of IUC campuses and are subject to revision and approval of each institution.


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