Web accessibility training underway

Training is underway for faculty and staff as part of the university’s efforts to ensure that YSU’s website is fully accessible, including to individuals with disabilities.

Rosalyn Donaldson, Technology and Training coordinator, said employees involved with web content should register for training and click on the  “Register Now” link.

Employees may also contact the Instructional Design and Development Center in the Office of Distance Education at iddc@ysu.edu for instructions on how to access a self-paced online training course in Blackboard. Additional self-directed instruction guides and videos are found on the EIT Accessibility Compliance, Desktop Tools page.

All employees involved in any way with web content are required to attend training to learn how to ensure that the content is fully accessible to visually and hearing impaired individuals.

The training is part of an agreement that YSU entered into late last year with the U.S. Department of Education’s Office for Civil Rights to ensure the accessibility of the university’s website.

Since then, the university has formed a work group, created a website, developed non-discrimination notices and is moving forward on several other fronts to ensure compliance with federal civil rights laws prohibiting discrimination based on disability. The agreement stipulates that the university must be in compliance by Dec. 30, 2015.

Ken Schindler, chief technology officer and Electronic Information Technology coordinator of the project, is heading the work group.