Steel photo exhibit opens at Youngstown Historical Center

This photo is part of the Youngstown steel exhibit and is of a ladle metallurgy furnace, and the photo is courtesy of RG Steel.

Ladle metallurgy furnace exhibit photo, courtesy of RG Steel.

A photographic exhibit chronicling the century of operations at the former Warren Works of Republic Steel plant opens on May 4 at the Youngstown Historical Center of Labor and Industry.

Entitled “Warren 100: Making Steel History,” the exhibit features 10 photographic panels with explanatory text on key milestones of the plant, which began operations in April 1912. The plant, long known as the Warren Works of Republic Steel, is now owned by RG Steel, LLC.

This ground view photo of Trumbull Steel Company is from the Warren Public Library.

An exhibit photo of Trumbull Steel Company from the Warren Public Library.

“This exhibit captures the spirit and ingenuity of the Warren plant, which has survived as the sole blast furnace operator in the Youngstown district,” said Tom Leary,  Youngstown State University assistant professor of History.  “We are pleased to have worked with many people who are or were employed at the Warren plant to tell their story and, in many cases, the stories of their extended families who helped ensure Warren’s viability for a century.

Ten senior and graduate students worked with Leary to select the images and create explanatory text. The students are all enrolled in YSU’s applied history program, one of the few applied history programs in the United States that prepares students for careers in historical research, archival work and historical museum management.

Youngstown Historical Center of Labor and Industry

The museum’s hours are 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Wednesdays through Saturdays. The daily fee to view this exhibit and the entire museum is $7 for adults, $6 for seniors and $3 for children and students with identification. Admission is free for Youngstown State University students. The exhibit runs through the summer.

The museum is owned by the Ohio Historical Society and operated by the YSU Department of History.  It is located at 151 W. Wood Street in Youngstown. For more information, call 330-941-1314 or visit the Youngstown Historical Center of Labor and Industry website.