Staff honored for Distinguished Service

YSU Color SealThe following individuals will receive Distinguished Service Awards at the Faculty and Staff Awards Banquet on Friday, May 2:

Classified Service Awards
Dawn Amolsch,
Biological Sciences
Wayne Anderson,
Delivery Services
Cindy Blevins, Human Resources
Diane Crowe, Educational Foundations, Research, Technology, and Leadership
Nick Durse, Facilities Maintenance
Lori Hinebaugh, Computer Services
Barry Jenkins, Parking
Rita Kennehan, University Development
Sheila Maldonado, English
Marko Marinkovich, Campus Recreation and Intramural Sports
Judy Pavalko, Student Health Clinic
Roslyn Pozega, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Donna Sarich, Sociology, Anthropology and Gerontogoly
Cindy Sarnowski, Counseling, Special Education, and School Psychology
Megan Shargo, YSU Police
Paul Trimacco, Facilities Maintenance
Barbara Widomski, Social Work
Bonnie Winters, Health Professions

Professional/Administrative Service Awards
Carrie Anderson,
Student Activities
Maria Barefoot, Maag Library
Joseph Conroy, Campus Recreation
Anne Lally,
Counseling Center
Angela Messenger, Writing Center
Claudette Womack, Financial Aid and Scholarships

Classified Exempt Service Awards
Jodi Clowes, Office of the Provost

Professional/Administrative Exempt Service Awards
Ron Cole,
Office of the President
David Ewing,
Therese Kightlinger,
Student Field Experiences
Jackie LeViseur,
Alumni and Events Management