Spring enrollment down 1.1 percent, graduate numbers increase

Spring semester enrollment at Youngstown State University totals 12,823, a 1.1 percent decrease from a year ago. Meanwhile, graduate student numbers increased 2.8 percent, with 1,150 grad students enrolled.

Gary Swegan, YSU’s new associate vice president for Enrollment Planning, sees a positive side to the numbers.

“To start out, we were down 3.13 percent in the fall, and spring typically follows fall very closely, so we might have anticipated another 3 percent drop,” Swegan said. “That didn’t happen. We’re down just 1.1 percent. In fact, we enrolled a slightly larger group than we planned for in our budget for this semester. We hit our target, plus a little more.”

Growth in the graduate student population on campus helped to level off the enrollment numbers this semester, he said.

Officials also believe the university is beginning to realize some benefits from its conditional admission policy, Swegan said, including better continuation rates among current students.

Swegan joined YSU in November as its chief enrollment officer.