Skeletons in San Salvador

Molly Toth is a YSU Student Success Story who recently studied in San Salvador.

Molly Toth

Molly E. Toth of Struthers, a senior anthropology major, geared up to study human remains in the Bahamas through a grant she was recently awarded.

The $800 grant from the Gerace Research Centre on San Salvador Island allowed her to conduct a detailed study of human skeletal remains located on the site of the research center. In addition to making estimations of age, sex and ancestry by performing metric and non-metric analysis, she also implemented a short-term conservation program to ensure proper care and storage for the remains.

Toth first travelled to the GRC a year ago as part of a YSU archaeology class, at which time she was shown the remains and made a proposal to conduct a more in-depth study. With the grant, Toth returned to the GRC in December to continue the research under the supervision of Tom Delvaux, a YSU anthropology faculty member. The grant was used to offset transportation costs and room-and-board expenses. Read more.