New platform for promoting YSU student success

YSU's newest tool to promote student success is This is the view of the main YSU page.

The homepage view of YSU's site shows the various badges and categories of accomplishments of YSU students. Click on a badge to see a list of students who received the honor, or search for a student by typing his or her name into the search form at the top right.

Youngstown State University officially launches this fall semester a new tool that allows students to showcase and share their academic successes and university activities.

The platform, called “,” creates personalized news releases about student accomplishments that are distributed and targeted to hometown newspapers.

View YSU’s page here.

Students also receive the personalized releases via email that they can then share with family and friends via Facebook, Twitter and  other social media channels. Every time a news release is developed, a student also receives a achievement “badge.” Students can then “claim their profiles,” creating an online portfolio that includes their badges and new releases highlighting their YSU honors, work experience and extracurricular activities.


YSU uses the platform from readMedia to publicize student achievements and activities  – like studying abroad, making the dean’s list, or winning a scholarship. The university creates personalized stories about these accomplishments, publishes them online at, and sends them to hometown newspapers. This ensures students get credit for the good work they’re doing on campus, which helps with summer jobs, internships and even job interviews and references after graduation.

Importance for Students

  • A student’s profile helps people who make decisions about internships, grad school and jobs find the “good stuff” about students, and recognizes their accomplishments with official college badges that show that the achievements are authentic.
  • A profile creates a positive online identity for post-graduation success. Many companies now research applicants online, and some have rejected applicants based on what they found there. A student’s profile is a way for students to shine online.
  • Students who are featured by the university are informed of the announcement through their YSU e-mail address and encouraged to share their accomplishments with family and friends through social media channels such as Facebook. This reinforces the positive accomplishment and reflects positively on the institution as a whole.
  • Several YSU honors and accomplishments are officially recognized by YSU. Examples include: Dean’s List, honors societies, University Scholars, scholarships, QUEST presentations, Honors Convocation awards, theater or musical performances, graduation, various academic awards and more.
This is an example of a YSU student's profile.

An example of a YSU student's claimed profile. It contains all of the badges she received from YSU, along with her added activity and work experience badges. YSU badges link to personalized news releases of the student's accomplishments

Other Profile Options

Students have the ability to add other activities to their profile. These activities will appear in a different part of the profile, under the heading “Added by student” to differentiate them from the YSU achievements.

Examples of student-added activities could include work experiences, leadership positions held, participation in sports and much more.

How Students Can Claim Their Profiles

  1. Go to and search for your name.
  2. Next to your name, find the option to claim your profile.
  3. Enter your YSU email address and submit the form. will send you a confirmation email.
  4. Claim your profile by clicking on the “connect with Facebook” button in the email you receive.
  5. Follow the Facebook prompts for logging in and connecting to your Facebook account. By doing this, you’ve claimed your profile.

How YSU Faculty/Staff Can Help

  • To celebrate student achievements through, it is imperative that the university gather information on any and all student achievements. YSU faculty and staff play a vital role in gathering and sharing that information.
  • Use the template below to submit lists of student accomplishments – i.e. research presentations, honor societies, awards, study abroad, scholarships, etc. – to Ron Cole, director of University Communications at
  • To use the template, simply save it to your computer, input the required information, and return it to Ron Cole.
  • If you don’t know all of the information, at least provide the student’s full name, email address, hometown and the achievement for which he or she will be recognized. A brief description of the achievement is also helpful.
  • If you have any questions, call Ron at 330-941-3285.
  • Sample Spreadsheet,