New policy hopes to reduce clutter on campus

YSU postings

Emilie Eberth, coordinator of STEM Outreach and Scholarships, uses a newly-installed bulletin board in Moser Hall, part of a new policy to help control clutter in campus buildings.

Flyers, posters and other printed materials may no longer be posted randomly around campus under a new policy designed to reduce clutter and damage.

The policy, approved by the Board of Trustees in the fall, says that postings must be affixed to public bulletin boards and message boards or will face removal.

“This policy is not intended to censor. It is not about content,” said John Hyden, executive director of Facilities. This is about the way that material is displayed.”

Hyden said the new policy was necessary because of the number of materials that were being posted on windows, doors, walls and other places across campus, leaving a shabby and cluttered appearance.

“People used scotch tape or even duct tape, and then when you’d tear it down, it would tear the surface off the wall or leave gummy tape residue on the wall, which you might not notice until it starts to collect the dirt,” he said.

The compromise is that bulletin boards will be affixed around campus, tack strips will be posted outside classrooms and faculty offices, and each department will have, if desired, a departmental bulletin board. All public boards will be regularly cleaned and postings removed. Posting will no longer be allowed anywhere but on the bulletin boards.

The bulletin boards will not only reduce clutter and damage, but will help students to find what they are looking for, Hyden said. About 20 boards have been put up so far, and Facilities is still waiting to hear back from some departments about what they want. “Our intent is to clean up public spaces,” Hyden said.

For more information or to request a bulletin board in your department, call Facilities at 330-941-3239.

Story by Harry Evans