New email migration “very smooth”

YSU completed the migration to the new Microsoft Office 365 email system over the winter break.

Faculty members were switched to the new cloud-based system in December, while staff employees made the change earlier this month. Students were migrated to O365 in September.

“While we’ve had a few minor bumps along the way, overall the transition has gone very smoothly,” said Ken Schindler, associate vice president and chief technology officer. “A large group of YSU staff made excellent contributions to the conversion planning, user account analysis, user documentation, O365 website, in-office support, phone support and O365 training videos.”

He specifically recognized Lloyd Painter, manager of technology customer support and training, for leading the conversion project, and John Dalbec, software specialist, for conversion programming.

Schindler said YSU is making the switch because Microsoft Office 365 is significantly more robust, cost-effective and user-friendly than the current MyYSU portal email system. For example, O365 provides 125 times more mailbox space than the current system, he said.

In conjunction with the switch, YSU is no longer allowing YSU email accounts to forward email to other email accounts, a practice that resulted in the forwarded email being tagged as SPAM, resulting in all YSU email being blocked by the Internet.

For more information, including detailed usage instructions for O365, visit

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