MathFest mavens

The STEM MathFest team did exceptionally in the 2011 competition, and its members are YSU Student Success Stories.

2011 YSU MathFest team

Youngstown State University students Mario Sracic of Hermitage, Pa., and Sepideh Khavari of Howland won awards at the Annual Summer Meeting of the Mathematical Association of America and Pi Mu Epsilon, also known as “MathFest,” held in Lexington, Ky., in August.

Sracic, third from right, presented on Cryptology and Quantum Computing, which earned him an award for excellence in exposition and research sponsored by the American Mathematical Society and the American Statistical Association. Khavari, standing third from left, presented “Time-to-Peak Response in Biological Systems” and won the Janet L. Anderson Award for outstanding exposition and research in mathematical and computational biology sponsored by the MAA Special Interest Group in Mathematical Biology.

Nine undergraduates in the YSU Department of Mathematics and Statistics gave presentations this year. Over the past 10 years, YSU students have won, on average, more than three MathFest awards annually—more than any university or college. Read more on this Student Success Story.