Gates Foundation features Melnick Iron Lung

iron lung

Cassie Nespor and Dan McCormick with the Iron Lung.

A video about the Iron Lung at the Rose Melnick Medical Museum at YSU was used as part of an event and exhibit for World Polio Day in October at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation’s visitors center in Seattle.

The video was made by Dan McCormick, network administrator, Media and Academic Computing, and features Cassie Nespor, curator, Melnick Medical Museum.

In the video, Nespor provides a brief history of the machine, a demonstration of how it works and even gets in the “Lung” herself. The video has had nearly 90,000 views on YouTube. The Iron Lung, a respirator that was used widely during the U.S. polio epidemics in the 1940s and 1950s, was on display in the atrium of Cushwa Hall Oct. 26 to 30, in recognition of Respiratory Care Week.

The Medical Museum has other displays in Cushwa Hall that are open to the public during building hours. On the lower level off Lincoln Avenue there are three displays about historical contraceptive devices, the Campbell Trachoma outbreak of 1913, and historical surgical tools. On the second floor is a display of historical nursing uniforms, and on the third floor is a display about quack medicine and the growth of the Food and Drug Administration.