Faculty and staff achievements

Faculty Staff  Earnheardt book coverMary Beth Earnheardt, associate professor, English, Jambar adviser and director, Journalism, has published her first novel, titled Switch-A-Wish. Published by Three Worlds Press in New Jersey, it is available in print and ebook form. Originally classified as a work of women’s fiction, the book breaks genre boundaries, crossing over into “chick lit” and fantasy.

Diana Palardy, associate professor, Foreign Languages and Women’s and Gender Studies, wrote an article titled “Lust and Disgust: The Rhetoric of Abjection in the Spanish Immigration Films Bwana, Flores de otro mundo and Princesas” that was published in the Bulletin of Hispanic Studies. The Bulletin has been published continuously from Liverpool, England, since 1923 and is recognized worldwide as one of the front-ranking journals in the field of Hispanic scholarship.

Matt Paylo

Matt Paylo

Matt Paylo, associate professor and program director, Counseling, is the 2015 recipient of the Ohio Counseling Association Research and Writing Award. The award was presented at the All Ohio Counselors Conference in Columbus in November. Paylo is a highly productive scholar who has co-authored one textbook, generated book chapters and presentations, and had articles accepted for publication in The Professional Counselor, Journal of Creativity in Mental Health, The Journal of Counselor Preparation and Supervision, Annual Review of Addiction and Offender Counseling, The Family Journal and The Journal of Counseling and Development.

Min_Xiangjia_Dr_8-08Xiangjia “Jack” Min, associate professor, Biological Sciences and Center for Applied Chemical Biology, published a research article titled “Genome-wide cataloging and analysis of alternatively spliced genes in cereal crops” in BMC Genomics. Partnering with Min in the research were: Brian Powell, graduate student; Jonathan Braessler, undergraduate student; John Meinken, a recent master’s graduate; Feng Yu, assistant professor of Computer Science and Information Systems; and Gaurav Sablok, a collaborator at University of Technology Sydney, Australia. The work was funded by a grant from the Ohio Plant Biotechnology Consortium. Min also participated in the pineapple genome sequencing and annotation project with an international team comprised of 70 scientists from 25 institutes. The work was published in the journal Nature Genetics, titled “The Pineapple Genome and the Evolution of CAM Photosynthesis.”

Howard Mettee, professor emeritus, Chemistry, co-authored a research article, titled “Enthalpies of Formation of Free Radicals – Reaction Intermediates in Lignin Pyrolysis,” and published in the Journal of Applied Chemical Science International. The paper provides a straightforward method of arithmetically estimating the heats of formation of reactive free radicals. Mettee wrote the article with D.A. Ponomarev from the St. Petersburg Forest Technical University.

Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen

Moon Nguyen, assistant professor, Mathematics and Statistics, published an article, titled “Hidden Markov Model for Stock Selection,” in the journal Risks. In the article, Nguyen discusses use of the hidden Markov model for stock selection – the model has been used in speech recognition systems, computational molecular biology and financial market predictions.

Victoria Kress, professor, Counseling, was invited to serve as a panelist to speak Nov. 3 on the topic of Suicide Awareness at the National Press Club’s Mental Health Symposium in Washington D.C.

Fred Viehe, professor, History, was interviewed by a reporter from The Dead Files, an investigative television series featured on The Travel Channel, concerning the 1963 murder of Charles Cavallaro, alias “Cadillac Charlie.” Cavallaro was a gambling racketeer whose murder was among the unsolved crimes that prompted the Saturday Evening Post to give Youngstown the dubious title of “Crimetown USA” later that year.

Faculty Staff McCormick artMissy McCormick, assistant professor, Art, was a presenter at Michigan Mudd, a national ceramic conference presented by the Michigan Ceramic Art Association Conference. The conference and exhibition were held at Henry Ford College in Dearborn, Mich., where McCormick demonstrated her work and exhibited in the college’s Sisson Gallery. In October, McCormick’s work was featured in a solo exhibition, “Shifting Perspective,” in the Foster Art Gallery at Westminster College in New Wilmington, Pa. She also had three works on display this fall in Alberta, Canada, as part of the International TOOL exhibition.

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