Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Renee Vivacqua

Fabricae VniuersitatisDay after day, dozens of campus work orders flow into YSU’s Office of Web and Creative Services – requests range from brochures to business cards, PowerPoints to programs. Renee Vivacqua has learned that teamwork is the only way to get it all done on time, and done right.

A layout design artist who joined YSU’s Creative Digital Design Team in 2001, Vivacqua said she partners with her coworkers to ensure that each and every publication is first-rate. “I work with a wonderful team,” she said. “My work motto is that success comes from helping others to be successful.”

Renee Vivacqua

Renee Vivacqua

Vivacqua was a YSU student in the 1980s and working part-time at The Jambar when she heard about a full-time opening in the YSU Print Shop. She got the job and continued going to school part-time, earning an associate degree in Word Processing and a bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design in 1998. Eventually, her job title was reclassified to reflect her new skills as a graphic designer.

She enjoys working in a university environment and the friendships she’s made. “I’m learning from professors and students, and even from my software because it’s always changing,” said Vivacqua. “It’s like a family here and I’ve made lifelong friends. One student I worked with became such a close friend that we traveled to her home in Hong Kong together so I could meet her family.”

Vivacqua is a Boardman native and a 1982 graduate of Boardman High School. She describes herself as a “big Italian family person” and enjoys planning “adventure days” with her two nephews – ages 10 and 13 – visiting Mill Creek Park, reading and practicing yoga.