Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Molly Burdette

Fabricae VniuersitatisSome students may not have their major figured out, and that’s OK with Molly Burdette.

Burdette, who lives in Hubbard, is the coordinator and academic advisor for the YSU General Studies program, helping more than 100 nontraditional students who have already earned varying amounts of college credit to maneuver their way to a degree.

“Some students only have 16 hours, some have 60 hours, military credit, and I put those together and do one unofficial senior sheet,” she says. “And then I tell them, ‘This is exactly what you need to get out.’”

Fabric Burdette

Molly Burdette

“I’m sort of their touch person on campus,” she adds. “My favorite thing about this job is commencement day – seeing my students graduate.”

Burdette earned a bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 1997 and a master’s in Counseling in 2000, both from YSU. After graduation, she worked as a clinical counselor and also tested students for learning disabilities in private schools. She joined YSU in 2001 as an instructor of Psychology, and took her current position a few months later.

“I’ve seen YSU as a traditional student, a nontraditional student, a graduate student, a part-time employee, a full-time employee,” she says. “Now I have two kids that are YSU students, so I’ve seen it from all different angles.”

Burdette said she keeps involved in a variety of campus activities. “It feels like I’m on every committee under the sun here,” she says. One of her activities is advisor to the Dance Off for Akron Children’s Hospital. She got involved in charity work for the hospital after her teen-aged son was in an ATV accident a year ago. Earlier this fall, her family presented the hospital with a donation of more than $8,000.