Fabricae Vniuersitatis: Bill Haas

Fabricae VniuersitatisFour million gallons of water flow through the pipes in YSU’s Central Utility Building opposite Fedor Hall, providing chilled water air-conditioning for the entire campus. It’s one of Bill Haas’ responsibilities to take the plant apart every winter, clean the equipment and reassemble it to make sure it is ready for another hot Ohio summer.

Bill Haas, Fabric

Bill Haas

Air conditioning is only one of the utilities that Bill oversees: all electric, water and heat are under his management. With more than 4 million square feet of buildings and only a handful of staff under his direction, Bill is a busy man. In fact, over the holiday break in December, Haas and his crew spent 80 hours over five days taking apart, inspecting and repairing the campus’ electric substation. While the rest of us enjoyed being inside in the warmth, Bill was just as happy to be outside in the cold: “That’s where I spent my Christmas,” he says. “That’s my forte. I love doing that kind of stuff because not very many people can – that’s where it’s fun.”

After graduating from Canfield High School, Bill joined the Navy and served for eight years. When he left, he came to YSU and earned his degree in Electrical Engineering in 2006. He worked for General Electric in Niles and then in Grove City, before coming back to YSU and into his current position in October 2012. Haas lives in his hometown of Canfield, with his wife, Katie, and two young daughters, and loves spending time with them. When he’s not working or on call at YSU, Bill also enjoys doing home improvements.

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