Enrollment up at Youngstown State

Youngstown State University enrollment is up by 285 students or 2.3 percent from last year, according to official 15th day counts released this morning.

YSU has 12,756 students enrolled this Fall semester, up from 12,471 last Fall semester. It is YSU’s first Fall-to-Fall enrollment increase since 2010.

In addition, the incoming freshmen class has the highest standardized test scores and high school grade point averages in the university’s history.

“Reversing the trend on enrollment is a major step forward as we continue to focus on increasing excellence across campus,” YSU President Jim Tressel said.


*Freshmen class enrollment is up 4.4 percent, from 2,068 last year to 2,159 this year.

*The number of new transfer students is up 6 percent, 569 to 603.

*Graduate-level enrollment (master’s and doctoral students) is up 5 percent, 1,295 to 1,361.

*The average ACT score for incoming freshmen is up, 21.19 to 21.77. It’s the highest freshmen ACT average in YSU history. The number of incoming freshmen with ACT scores of 30 and above is up 22 percent, 79 to 96.

*The average high school grade point average for freshmen also is up, 3.14 to 3.24. The number of incoming freshmen with GPAs of 3.5 and above is up 22 percent, 641 to 781.

*Incoming freshmen are from 449 high schools in 25 states, up from 421 high schools in 19 states last year.

*All university residence halls, as well at the YSU Courtyard Apartments, are at capacity with 1,278 students, up from 1,154 two years ago. In addition, the new privately-owned and –operated University Edge apartments on Rayen Avenue are filled, with 162 students.