The YSU Board of Trustees has voted to authorize the conferral of emeritus status on the following retired faculty, administrators and staff:

Javed Alam, Professor, Civil/Environmental and Chemical Engineering, 33 years of service.
Servio Becerra, Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature, 29 years.
Robert Beebe, Professor, Educational Foundations, Research, Technology, and Leadership, 25 years.
Carl Chuey, Professor, Biological Sciences, 47 years (posthumously).
Herve` Corbe`, Assistant Professor, Foreign Languages and Literature, 36 years.
Rosemary D’Apolito, Professor, Sociology, Anthropology, and Gerontology, 31 years.
Richard Gaydos, Associate Professor, Computer Science and Information Systems, 33 years.
Beverly Gray, Professor, Psychology, 28 years.
Vernon Haynes, Professor, Psychology, 31 years.
Louis Katz, Professor, Management, 38 years.
Robert Leipheimer, Professor, Biological Sciences, 30 years.
Anthony Messuri, Professor, School of Technology, 36 years.
Howard Mettee, Professor, Chemistry, 46 years.
Tedrow Perkins, Professor, Dana School of Music, 28 years.
Thomas Rakestraw, Associate Professor, Management, 32 years.
Regina Rees, Associate Professor, Teacher Education, 10 years.
Raymond Shaffer, Professor and Chair, Accounting and Finance, 25 years.
James Tackett, Professor, Accounting and Finance, 31 years.
John Usis, Professor, Biological Sciences, 25 years.
Maureen Vendemia, Professor, Health Professions, 35 years.
Victor Wan-Tatah, Professor, Philosophy and Religious Studies, 28 years.

Jonelle Beatrice,
Executive Director, Student Life, 14 years of service.
Mary Dimitriou, Coordinator, Alumni and Events Management, 14 years.
George Heller, Associate Reference Librarian, Maag Library, 21 years.
Sally Kenney, Senior Academic Advisor Coordinator, Dean’s Office – BCHHS, 28 years.
Rosemary Kent, Assistant Director, Federal Programs And Financial Aid, Financial Aid and Scholarships, 10 years.
Matthew Novotny, Executive Director, Kilcawley Center, 28 years.
Patricia Shively, Associate Director, Center for Student Progress, 10 years.
Ronald Williams, Associate Director, Procurement Services, 25 years.