Dental Hygiene students win honors at state conference

2nd place AS 2014, Hannah Ropp, Michele Sosnick, Jonna Omerzo

YSU students Hannah Ropp, Michele Sosnick and Jonna Omerzo won second place in an Ohio Dental Hygienists Association  competition.

3rd place AS 2014, Krystal Fuller, Nicole Bodnar, and Dana Powell

Winning third place for YSU in the state competition were Krystal Fuller, Nicole Bodnar and Dana Powell.










Three senior dental hygiene students at Youngstown State University earned a second place award for their presentation, titled “Sip All Day, Get Tooth Decay,” at the Ohio Dental Hygienists Association’s Annual Session, and three others took third place.

The second place winners are Jonna Omerzo of Fowler, Hannah Ropp of West Liberty, Ohio, and Michele Sosnick of Beloit, Ohio. Their study examined the degree to which various acidic beverages can be damaging to tooth structure.

Earning third place honors for their presentation, titled “Oral Appliances Got You Feeling Buggy?” were Nicole Bodnar of Austintown, Krystal Fuller of Henderson, Nev., and Dana Powell of Boardman. They studied ways to reduce or eliminate bacteria from removable oral appliances.

All six students are expected to graduate in May with BS degrees in Dental Hygiene. YSU was among 12 Ohio dental hygiene schools represented at the competition, held in November in Newark, Ohio.