CIAM adds high-temp furnace

A new sintering furnace has been installed in the Center for Innovation in Additive Manufacturing in Moser Hall.

The furnace, funded by the Ohio Board of Regents, enables sintering of high-temperature metals and advanced ceramics made with the lab’s two high-end 3D printers. It allows final processing of 3D printed parts made from advanced materials for uses in aerospace, automotive, industrial, energy and medical applications.

The furnace from TevTech includes an 8-inch diameter by 12-inch high hot zone, temperature capability to 2,600°C PLC control system and a touch screen human-machine interface.

The Center, opened in January 2014, enables research for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as students in the university’s PhD program in materials science and engineering. The Center also provides education and workforce development in additive manufacturing.

TevTech designs and manufactures high temperature furnaces and components for sintering, chemical vapor deposition, chemical vapor infiltration and purification applications.