Bridges Out of Poverty Student Union

YSU's Bridges Out of Poverty Student Union recently presented their work at a national conference.

Bridges Out of Poverty Student Union members

Four officers of the Bridges Out of Poverty Student Union (BOPSU) at YSU recently presented at a national conference in Indianapolis this fall, where representatives from over 25 other states and provinces were also in attendance.

From left, Brady Bates of Newton Falls, Rebecca Banks of Youngstown, Terrell Wesley of Cleveland and Malcom Horton of Youngstown presented “Before, During and After Getting Ahead/Investigations” at the Bridges to Sustainable Communities Conference. The presentation focused on how the Metro Credit course Investigations Into Economic Class in America changed the students’ outlooks on financial, professional and personal issues of poverty and wealth and how it inspired them to start BOPSU.

In addition, they co-presented “Engaging Students in the Classroom, on Campus and in the Community” with Karla Krodel, director of Metro Credit, and Patti Matthews, adjunct faculty and chair of the Bridges Steering Committee, a Youngstown organization.

Started in the spring of 2010, BOPSU is made up of members who are using their own experiences in under-resourced backgrounds to empower others in the YSU and Youngstown communities to succeed in college and beyond. Members offer workshops, volunteer and try to spread the word about how to access helpful resources in the area and on campus.

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