UMass researchers visit YSU ballistics lab

ballistics 3The ballistics lab in Moser Hall was busy during spring break as a faculty member and two students from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell, were on campus to further their research into developing smaller, more sensitive and possibly less expensive fiber-optic sensors. Here, Xingwei Wang, associate professor of Electrical Engineering at UMass Lowell, and Brian Vuksanovich, YSU associate professor of Mechanical Engineering Technology, examine data collected from the tests. The sensors, about the size of human hair, have applications in medical devices and automobile engines, among others. Wang was looking for a place to test the sensors at higher pressures and was introduced to Vuksanovich, who oversees YSU’s high-speed 3D ballistics imaging lab. Vuksanovich was able to set up the equipment in the lab to conduct dynamic pressure tests up to 65,000 psi. Also on hand to witness the tests was Don Carlucci, one of the head ballistic engineers at Picatinny Arsenal in New Jersey who helped link UMass with the YSU lab.

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